It’s not all about seo you know

seo-skin-careWe’ve had a hard time getting our website ranked well for the main search terms like skin clinics and the like. It seems the more you spend trying to get your website ranked well for big keywords that will drive good traffic the harder it gets.

There are not many businesses in the skin care and skin clinic industry that seem to spend much money on optimising their websites for search engines but it’s becoming more and more popular.

We recently employed a company based in the UK to handle our SEO work. This particular SEO company in Sussex were great at explaining how it all works and how to dominate the skin care industry within Google. It’s not hard to get any clinic to the top for localised terms that will being in good money for your kin clinic but staying there for the long run is the trick.

Search Engine Land have a great article that explains what SEO is for all you newbies out there who are thinking of having some work done for your treatment centre.