Making Your Nannys First Day Great

Introducing your new nannyIf you ever hire a nanny too look after the kids it will surely be an exciting day for the whole family. Remember though for your Nanny it’s just like any other first day on the job. She or he will be nervous and need a little reassurance from you when walking through your door!

Here are a few things you can do to make your Nannys first day a great one and start the relationship off in the right way.

1. Make sure you’ve sorted out her pay and tax correctly.


Sitting down with your nanny in the first hour and going through all the good points is a great way to reassure her. Let her know that you have her payroll sorted and her tax is being paid and show her when and how she will get paid for her work. It’s an important thing to remember that you are paying someone as an employee so getting the nanny tax and payroll part right is important for both of you. It’s advisable to use an agency like Nanny Paye to look after it and you don’t have to worry. Check them out at

2. Show them around the house.

After the paperwork is finished, show them around a bit. It’s important they are relaxed in their environment and know where everything is. Theres nothing worse than being left on your own not knowing where the nappies are or where the kids can and can’t go. It’s important for you too to set boundaries where you are comfortable giving free reign to your nanny and where she should not go.

3. Let them have your contact numbers.

God forbid there be an emergency but if there is you need to know they can get hold of you. It’s a good idea to give your work, mobile and and also that of a couple of friends and neighbours too in case you are unobtainable at all. A great idea is to setup a spreadsheet on Google Docs with all the contact info and email and txt the link so it’s accessible from more than one place. If you nanny loses her phone and an emergency happens she’ll be able to access the information online and from her email address. Safety first! 🙂

4. Finally and most importantly, The kids!

Make sure the kids are happy when you introduce your nanny. Don’t do it after school when they have just had a swimming lesson and are tired and irritable. Do it on a weekend in the morning when everything should be calm without stress. You need to make it a pleasurable experience for all involved.


Baby Bags To Store Your Skin Care Products

baby change bagsWhen you have a baby you feel a bit run down which is only natural as your body goes through so much change. Getting yourself back to normal is important as soon as you can and you’ll no doubt have tons of skin creams at hand for you and for the newborn.

Carrying everything you and baby will need to keep up your facial skin routine and their bum skin routine is a massive undertaking. You’ll need a baby changing bag with tons of space in it and a compartment for everything. You don’t want your skin cream being mixed up with the nappy rash cream after all!

When choosing a baby bag it’s important you research whats on the market and is a great place to start as they have a huge range from all the leading nappy bag suppliers in the UK.

If you’ve only got one baby you’ll be fine with most bags really but it’s important to keep the milk cool and also have room for a change mat, spare nappies and everything else you normally carry so it’s worth investing in something a little bigger. There are change bags for twins available too which are a little larger than a normal change bag but you’ll have to compromise by carrying something heavier and bulkier. Not always any other option though if you have twins!

There are some great reviews out there of change bags on you tube so it’s worth checking out and searching for you chosen bag on there. You’ll get a better look at the bag and also a better idea of size than you do by looking at pictures.

Heres a great video that cycles through a lot of different styles to get you started!

It’s not all about seo you know

seo-skin-careWe’ve had a hard time getting our website ranked well for the main search terms like skin clinics and the like. It seems the more you spend trying to get your website ranked well for big keywords that will drive good traffic the harder it gets.

There are not many businesses in the skin care and skin clinic industry that seem to spend much money on optimising their websites for search engines but it’s becoming more and more popular.

We recently employed a company based in the UK to handle our SEO work. This particular SEO company in Sussex were great at explaining how it all works and how to dominate the skin care industry within Google. It’s not hard to get any clinic to the top for localised terms that will being in good money for your kin clinic but staying there for the long run is the trick.

Search Engine Land have a great article that explains what SEO is for all you newbies out there who are thinking of having some work done for your treatment centre.

It’s all about the skin in Newquay

Theres a growing trend in the surfing town of Newquay. People are travelling from all over the Cornwall area to get skin treatments performed by a leading skincare professional.

This new skin clinic in newquay that has just popped up on the radar of is inundated with appointments.

Offering everything from anti aging treatments to dermal fillers and more you’ll be amazed how hard it is to get an appointment. There are lots of services available including the following:

  • Blood and blood pressure testing, ECGs
  • Travel Clinic – Practice Nurse
  • NHS Health Checks – Healthcare Assistants
  • Chronic Disease clinics – Practice Nurse
    • Asthma
    • COPD
    • Diabetes
    • Healthy Heart
  • Minor Surgery
  • Smoking cessation clinic

So if you are in the Cornwall area and looking for a new skin clinic to get your beauty treatments carried out by look no further than the Skin Care Directory who will be able to point you in the right direction to get all your needs met.

If you are looking for something a little more permanent than a skin treatment you could look at getting plastic surgery carried out. A lot more expensive than general beauty treatments but you’ll look amazing forever!

Of course it can all go horribly wrong!